Ventilation System
Cleaning & Balancing

Ventilation is a key component of excellent air quality and in containing Covid spread.

Increasing the ventilation rates in condo’s will allow for more fresh air into the owners suites, and exhaust more contaminated air outside. This is good for Covid containment, but it is also great for clean healthy air to breath in your homes. The fresh air system should be cleaned every 5 years to maintain clean air and proper ventilation rates throughout the building. This service is not traditionally carried out by HVAC contractors, as they just maintain the air handling unit in the penthouse. The duct work and registers should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

Recent studies have shown that suites in the bottom end of condo towers do not get a fair share of fresh air entering the suites, as the majority of the fresh air gets forced out into the upper floors first, it is just the nature of air flow.

Studies have shown very uneven distribution of fresh air into the hallways, with the vast majority of fresh air going only to the upper floors.